Why You Should Hire a Professional Contractor to Clean Smoke Damage

home on fire
When fire breaks out, the first – and most important – concern is to extinguish the fire safely. After that has been accomplished, the damage which has been left behind will need to be examined and handled appropriately. While it might seem like the flames themselves would be the biggest source of damage, it can actually be the smoke associated with the fire which is even more destructive. For that reason, it is wise to hire a professional contractor to deal with smoke damage in the aftermath of a fire.

Ongoing Damage

Once flames are extinguished, they can no longer do damage to a home or other structure. The damage they do results from the heat they carry, and no heat will remain once the flames are gone. You cannot say the same for smoke and ash, however. Once smoke has filled a room or an entire building, it can actually continue to harm that structure for years to come, if left unchecked. A variety of problems can relate to smoke and fire damage, including corrosion, discoloration, and of course, odor. Treating smoke damage is essential if a building which has been affected by a fire is going to ever return to a safe, functional state.

Time is a Factor

Smoke and ash damage should be cleaned by a team of professional contractors as soon as it is safe to do so. The damage which is caused by smoke is going to get worse as time passes, as even a few extra days between the fire and the cleanup can make it much more difficult to restore the property. Surfaces which are not properly cleaned in a timely manner will likely need to be completely replaced, which can quickly add to the cost of the restoration.

A Thorough Review

One of the many advantages to working with a professional contractor who specializes in smoke damage is the review they can offer at the start of the job. A professional in this field will know exactly where to look for smoke and ash damage, and they will likely spot problems and potential issues that an untrained eye would have missed. If a smoke cleanup project is going to be successful, it needs to be as thorough as possible – working with an experienced and professional team will make sure all surfaces and materials are treated properly.

The Dreaded Smell

Even if the aesthetic damage is not significant inside a structure, the smell of smoke damage can be enough to drive people away for good. Professional smoke damage teams have the equipment and training necessary to eliminate that smoky smell to the greatest degree possible. A complete treatment by a professional contractor is going to give you the best chance to eliminate the smell of smoke from throughout the building. With any luck, the visual damage, along with the odor, will be removed once the contractor has finished with their work.