Professional Air Sampling & Mold Testing | MD, VA, DC

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Residential Restorers inspects, samples, and provides mold remediation recommendations for homes and businesses in Rockville, Maryland, as well as surrounding areas such as Virginia and Washington, DC. Many customers in the Washington, DC metro area have experienced relief from health related symptoms related to mold.

It is widely knows that mold has been a cause of a variety of negative health effects in humans. Asthma, runny noses, skin eruptions, headaches, allergic reactions, depression, lack of energy, irritability, bloodshot eyes, poor appetite and even organ damage are all conditions that can be caused by exposure to mold.

At Residential Restorers, we provide through air testing services, including:

  • An inspection with air sampling, providing tips to improve the indoor air quality.
  • A thorough moisture evaluation using the latest technology.
  • Analyzing the samples and providing additional information about mold and other substances that may be present.  All samples are anaylized by an AIHA LAP accredited laboratory.

If you live in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC and believe your quality of life can be improved by our air sampling and mold testing services, please contact us at 301-560-3137.