Do You Have an Asbestos Problem?

Most people who have asbestos products in their home or business property don’t even realize it. As long as those products remain intact, there should be no reason for concern. An issue usually arises when a property owner decides to perform renovations or any type of demolition. Sawing, scraping and other actions that might release particles from building materials can create an asbestos hazard. If your building was constructed prior to 1980 or has materials in it that were made in an earlier time period, it is possible that asbestos might be present. In those cases, please take these safety warnings seriously:

• You cannot identify asbestos material simply by appearance. If you are not sure, contact an asbestos inspection professional to test your materials.

• Never sweep or vacuum dust that may include asbestos particles. Asbestos fibers cannot be seen by the naked eye. Any disturbance can send them into the air and into your lungs.

• The harmful health effects of inhaling asbestos can take many years to surface. A lack of immediate symptoms does not mean you have not been exposed.

Occasionally, asbestos containing material may need to be removed as part of a water damage restoration or mold remediation project. Rest assured that Residential Restorers is fully aware of the special handling requirements in these situations. We follow the most current safety protocols, adhering to all local, state and federal ordinances. Keeping your home safe is our primary concern.