Contents Pack-Out


Contents Pack-out & Cleaning Company serving Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg & Germantown, MD

Residential Restorers is an insurance restoration company specializing in contents pack-out and cleaning. Our core business is personal property preservation and restoration, following disasters such as fire or flood. We also provide move-out services for construction.

Here are the core services we provide:

Inventory and Disposal
• Digital photo inventory
• Item inventory to include pre- existing damage notes
• Inventory of non-restorable items, LKQ (Like Kind Quality) pricing and disposal or storage
• Inventory of restorable items using specially designed software

Packing and Moving
• Contents are carefully packed for transport by professional movers
• All items are inventoried and scanned using bar codes before being loaded on the truck. This insures precise tracking of all items.
• We offer local and long distance moves

Contents Cleaning & Odor Removal
• General items such as knick knacks, furniture, electronics, Oriental rugs, furniture, art work and specialty (musical instruments, etc.).
• Based upon the type of contents, one of the following cleaning processes will be used:
• Ultrasonic
• Hand washing
• Power washing
• Steam cleaning
• Drycleaning
• De-ionized washing
• Machine washing
• Ozone,thermal fog and hydroxyl deodorization

• Contents are stored in a secure, climate-controlled environment or can be stored on-site, per customer request
• Short term or long term storage available

Residential Restorers is your one-call resolution for contents pack-out and cleaning in and around Maryland, so contact us the next time you’re in need!